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24 08 2005

I always cringe just about every time Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell open their mouths. I think both of these guys bring dishonor to the Gospel and to Jesus by their outrageous comments and their judgemental attitudes. Who do they speak for? Certainly not for me.

Now with Pat Robertson’s suggestion yesterday on his 700 Club broadcast that the U.S. government should assasinate the president of Venezuela, I am just fed up. What is most upsetting to me is that Pat seems to give the U.S. the same footing as the Kingdom of God. Well there is a name for that and it is called idolatry. This is the problem I have with the religous right, they argue for orthodoxy but when you dig deeper you find nothing but dead men’s bones and an over weening desire to be in charge of everything.

Further, I think that Jesus said somewhere that we are to pray for our enemies, and not to render evil for evil. Do you think that Pat is praying for Chavez? Do you think that he cares about this man’s soul and whether or not he knows Jesus as his Savior and Lord? Of course he doesn’t, so in the end he really does not care about the Gospel but about power and America’s place in the world. He certainly is not thinking about the Kingdom of Jesus.




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23 08 2005

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23 08 2005

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23 08 2005

Hello Marc. Thanks for the post about Pat. I can’t believe an evangelist could air to millions of people such non-Christian views. It’s such cases that feed those who are not Christians to stay away from Christ and his love. This one may not be ranked as horrible as the Crusades, but it certainly will not help at all…unless we get someone of high caliber like Tony Evans or Billy Graham to speak out against Pat, revealing true beliefs of Christianity.

Anyway…I hope something good will come from this mis-hap. I wish there was a ‘blogger favorites’ section on here where we could save blogs of whom we are most interested and check-up on when we wish. Who knows, maybe there is and I’m just too new to know anything about it. Either way, I support you and your posts. Keep’em up.

Peace and Grace,

24 08 2005
Marc Davidson

Thanks for coming by Ryan. BTW, all of the posts are archived and you can bring them up anytime you want. Plus you can link this site from your blog if you like, just edit your “links” section on your sidebar.

Getting back to the topic at hand, yeah, I wish that guys like Pat Robertson weren’t automatically given a platform every time they speak, I think that he and those like him make it difficult for nonbelievers to take our faith seriously. Plus, they totally misrepresent the faith too.

Again, thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon.

24 08 2005

Hey Marc,

I’ve been blogging since April 2002 when I was in Sarajevo. (I’ve been having trouble getting my old archives imported to my new blogging software) And you might not be able to see me in Cleveland, because I moved to North Carolina for grad school last week! I hope you’re doing well.


1 09 2005

I agree with you about Pat. In the body of Christ he is an elbow twitching in a ditch. I believe that we have no room in the Kingdom of God for lone rangers.

Nice Blog

4 09 2005


Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I agree, Pat tends to shoot from the lip too much. I don’t think that he is a bad man, I just don’t want him representing me or our faith.

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