Shalom II

9 10 2005

Shalom is more than peace,it is prosperity, blessing, justice, goodness, living in deep community, and more than anything else, it is basically life as God intended it should be. This is the stuff of the Kingdom. Shalom at its zenith was seen in Acts 2 and Acts 4, where God’s new church that was radically loving on one another in sacrifical ways, committing themselves to following the way of Jesus and preferring one another to themselves.

This is the kind of community I hunger to be a part of, but find difficult, not because it is not out there somewhere, but because there is something wrong with what is in me. I really think that when we truly become people of shalom, we will create these kind of communities wherever we are. So if I truly want to be live out shalom, I have to have shalom reign in me.




3 responses

17 10 2005

Preach it! Amen and Amen! “Let peace begin with me…” Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts, bro’.

20 10 2005


Thank you, I think we are turning into a mutual admiration society. 🙂


8 12 2005
Rod Garvin

Indeed, the Gospels, as well as Acts place high demands on us as Christians. We can not expect to find this kind of community, unless we are willing to be the type of person that makes such a community possible. But then again, we can not be such a person without the community. It is a very cyclical process that begins with Christ as the point of departure.

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