Going to NOLA and Hanging with Black Christian Students in Atlanta

3 01 2006

I am getting ready to go on a missions trip to New Orleans with some Oberlin College students. Some of the students are a part of the InterVarsity group on campus that I am a part of, Oberlin Christian Fellowship. We leave this coming Sunday. I am excited about going, but I do not look forward to leaving my family again. I just got back from a week long black Christian college student conference that IVCF puts on every 3 years called “Atlanta ’05”. This proved to be the best conference I have ever been too for college students. The presence of God was papable the entire time.

My primary responsibility there was to lead a “family group” of grad students from around the country (I had one of four groups like this). We had a great time in my group. We bonded amazingly fast and we really did become family. I normally work with undergraduate students, but I must say that being with those graduate students was like water to my soul. They fed me more than I fed them.

The trip to New Orleans of course will be with undergraduates, but I really like Oberlin students. They are passionate and they actually care about the world they live in, plus, they are smart to boot. So the only real sacrifice will be the fact that I will be a way from my family again for an entire week.

I will attempt to blog everyday about my experience in NOLA next week, I expect this trip to be a bit surreal.




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5 01 2006
RBA Founder Xavier Pickett


It’s unfortunate that we were not able to meet one another at Atlanta ’05 due to the large number of people. I wasn’t able to stick around the whole time because I was only there to visit a few special guests and ministers and I had previous engagements. But I am glad that the conference was profitable for you. I wished I could have heard more.

By the way, did you attend any of the sessions Carl Ellis taught or purchased his book, “Free At Last?: The Gospel in the African-American Experience” by any chance?


6 01 2006
Rod Garvin

The brothers and sisters in NOLA need all the help they can get. I hope I have a chance to help the relief and reconstruction efforts down there at some point beyond just contributing money. God’s grace be with you and all of the students. Peace.

6 01 2006

Hi Xavier,

Sorry I missed you too. That conference was one of the best, if not the best student conference I have ever been to. I staffed the conference, and all of my colleagues that I have talked to have commented about how anointed and Spirit-filled the conference was. We all had a sense of God’s presense and pleasure in Atlanta. Forty-two students asked Jesus into their lives the first night, amazing. Plus, students made other life altering decisions to serve Jesus and not themselves. I really believe that this conference is going to tangibly change the world for the better.

6 01 2006

Hi Rod,

Yeah, I am looking forward to the trip, but not the time away from my family (pray for me, I just got back from a pretty emotional and tiring trip to Atlanta). Here is the thing though, all of the students I am going with are white. Now there is nothing wrong with that. I love these kids and we will have a blast together, but it is troubling to me that not one black student is coming with us to serve Jesus in NOLA.

6 01 2006

Hey Marc,

Glad to see you blogging again! I’ve missed “hearing” from you.

6 01 2006

Hi Robby,

Yeah, life has been pretty hectic of late, but I am planning on doing a daily blog in NOLA if I can get internet access.

Good to hear from you too. I have actually missed you, Darrel, Leighton, Rod, Ant, and others. I have been hanging out (a bit too much) on Maurice Broaddus’ message board (some cool people over there).
Peace to you friend.

7 01 2006

I actually misspoke in my response to Rod. There are least two black students coming from two separate groups from Oberlin. One from the Center for Service and Learning,and the other from the Chaplains’ Office. My group is the latter, but both groups will be staying at the same place.–>

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