Cycling Up To Freedom Land

25 05 2006

Anyone who knows me knows that I am avid cyclist. I even ride in inclement weather even when there is snow and ice on the ground. Yet the longest I have ever ridden on a bike is only 40 to 50 miles. I have been dreaming to do a century ride for the past few summers, but never put a plan together. So I decided to do some research on the web and see if I could find a safe route from Oberlin to Columbus, Ohio, which is actually a bit more than 100 miles one way. What I found instead excited me beyond belief: The Adventure Cycling Association in Partnership with the Center for Minority Health is planning a route beginning in Alabama, and ending in Canada, to comemorate the Underground Railroad. The exciting thing is that route goes through Xenia, Columbus, and Oberlin. I minister in Xenia, network in Columbus, and live in Oberlin, but I bike in all three places.

I feel a certain call to this. I plan on going on the maiden voyage next summer. Right now, I am working to get the word out to as many African American cyclists about this new route. I also want to get entice more African Americans to start riding to experience the health benefits of cycling. I took up cycling to deal with an arthritic knee and diabetes. I now have just about no pain at all in my knee, and my diabetes is under control because of my regular exercise. Get on a bike and get free from the bondage of poor health.




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