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31 07 2006

Greg Boyd preaching to his congregationMy wife sent me a New York Time’s article about a pastor named Greg Boyd from St. Paul,  Minnesota. He has both preached and written against the Christian Right and their insistence on politicizing our faith to the degree that we have alienated and demonized gays, people who support abortion, and everyone who is on the left side of things politically in this country. Frankly, I have been fed up for quite of how some Christian  leaders have demagogued on these issues.

What I like about Greg, is that he clearly is not “for” homosexuality and abortion, he just does not think politics is the best way to confront these issues. I wholeheartedly agree. I have said for a long time that we should find other ways to confront issues like abortion and homosexuality outside of politics. Our conversations on these important issues should certainly be public and out in the open, but not tinged by politics. I really think that the approach of Dobson, Falwell, Robertson, Bauer,, is wrongheaded and has only caused the people we want to engage with the gospel of Jesus Christ to distance themselves from us because they think that we are their enemies.  Well, I don’t want a gay man seeing me as a homophobic bigot. I want him to see me as a follower of Jesus and fellow sinner who loves him right where he is, even if he never comes out of homosexuality or accepts Jesus.




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31 07 2006
Totem to Temple

First of all, thank you very much for your inspired comments over at my blog.

I too am tired of the manipulative tactics that the Religious Right has used in the realm of ‘if we don’t vote Republican, then Christianity will eventually die.’ The problem with that argument is that if you read the entire New Testament, we clearly see a church that not only survived, but deeply thrived when the governing powers that be and the ‘church leaders’ of their day were so diametrically against them.

Based on their own logic and standards, Jesus would have to be considered the biggest colossial failue since the political and religious leaders did not come to Christ nor did the political state of Israel rise up out of captivity from the Romans at the time of Christ. They would also have to consider the Apostle Paul as Christianity’s biggest colossial failure because no political leader ever came to know Christ as their savior while Paul was alive. The closest was Acts 26:28 that reads:

“Then Agrippa said to Paul, “You almost persuade me to become a Christian.”

5 08 2006

Hey, check out my latest post at the Anti-Manichaeist on Boyd…


5 08 2006

Totem to Temple,

Thanks for stopping by, and I certainly will be visiting your blog on a regular basis brother.


I will look at the post tonight. Let me tell you that I really appreciate your comments on Bob’s blog. I also think that you have some really important things to say and I sense that you will become a doctor of the Church. I hope to read a book by you someday.


28 02 2007

My thoughts exactly!
In fact I wrote an article on this titled, God is not a Republican! Check out the article:

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