Does God Want You To Be Rich?

14 09 2006

That is the title and cover story of this weeks Time Magazine. The authors of the story are reporting on the new prosperity preachers, folks like Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyers and others. But the intriguing thing to me is that all of the people they solicited critiques from are well off, influential, white guys who certainly are not poor. How about a Michael Eric Dyson or a Tony Evans eh? But hey, those two guys are well off, influential black guys. Now don’t get me wrong, I am no fan of prosperity preaching, most of it in my view is rank heresy. But here is the thing, if poor people actually followed the precepts of the Bible to a “t”, most of them would probably climb out of poverty. When you work hard, play by the rules, and don’t have kids out of wed lock, you tend to do okay in this society. It is as simple as that. And don’t we want poor people to get out poverty and enter the middle class? What is exactly wrong with that? In fact, I have heard Osteen preach some pretty sound, biblical concepts on loving your enemy and doing good to those who want to do you dirty. And I have heard Dollar call poor people out of a victim’s mentality and to become more responsible and reliant on God, not the government. So I really cannot fault them for this kind of message.

Here is the thing, the only people who really have to walk by faith in this country are poor people. If you grew up middle class and have decent skills, you can make your own way. And you probably don’t need God so much. The fact of the matter is that many of those speaking out against the health/wealth gospel are pretty healthy and wealthy themselves. It is one thing to deny yourselves nice cars and clothes if you grew up middle class and have always had access to those sorts of things, but is a whole other thing growing up poor with no trust fund as a safety net, and no real hope to own nice new cars and clothes through honest labor.

So when those guys sell everything that they own and live amongst the poor, then they can say something. But even so, they first need to really understand what it means to be poor, and giving all your earthly pessessions away does not help you to understand one bit, because you first have to have something to give away.




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18 09 2006
Bob Robinson


Are you really that sympathetic to the Prosperity Gospel?

As I see it, this heresy sets poor people up for huge fall. And the message is not targeted specifically at the poor exclusively–there are plenty of middle-class folk giving their hard-earned money to these scam-artists.

The Word-of-Faith movement has little to do with biblical revelation, either. I’ve listened enough to Osteen, Copeland, Crouch, Myers, and Dollar to know that they consistently twist scripture to say what it does not say, especially concerning the power of our words, how God wants us to prosper financially, and how if you give to their ministries, you are sowing so that you will reep a huge financial harvest.

This is the Christian version of playing the lottery.

And Osteen…man! He has his people make that statement about the Bible at the beginning of each sermon, and then he rarely opens it for the next half hour! And his messages are all very people-centered (how to be successful, how to get along with people, how to look out for your own interests). Not a whole lot of God in those messages.

Sorry…I’m rambling. It’s just that I can’t stand it!

18 09 2006

No Bob,

Like I said, I see it as a rank heresy, and for all the reasons you state. Yet I see a deeper problem with a lot of us critiquing it but not really taking up the Cross of Jesus ourselves. I am just tired of the hyprocrisy of those of us (and I do include myself) who are good at putting down these guys but are essentially living the same way.

BTW, no apologies needed. It’s great to have you over here. I really like the way you think and put things together, and I appreciate your passion too.

18 09 2006
Bob Robinson

Thanks for the welcome. I wanted to be more positive with my first comment.


4 03 2007
Jasmine Harvey

I admire people like Bishop TD Jakes—he preaches about being prosperous sure, but he also preaches on what measures we must take to have spiritual, physical, mental, and financial prosperity. Donnie McClurkin wrote this song that I think is very relevant to this subject. It says:

“I’m walking in authority
Living life without apology
It’s not wrong dear
I belong here
So you might as well get used to me…
….We’re children of the most-high God
Understand and believe His word
We never have to beg or plead
For our Father will supply our needs”

I agree that we should never let earthly riches blind us–although we do from time to time because we’re only human but that’s no excuse. However, we should never have to live in a world where people have to wonder how they are going pay this bill or feed their families, etc. That’s sickening too. Is it fair that the WORLD should live sinfully and we as Christians live after the example of Christ and suffer while they prosper? Why should we be poor Christians? Why can’t we have prosperity and still give generously? Why do we have to live in one extreme or another? Is it wrong to be rich and Christian? If so then pastors like Rick Warren aren’t exactly the ones who should be pointing fingers—after all his church is pretty big too and I doubt he lives in a shack. God gives us the things we need and want based upon the way He has ordained us to fulfill our purpose in life—SERVING HIM!!! If God blesses you with money it’s not yours to keep, you have to invest. Invest in his people and in the kingdom of heaven. Sorry to be long winded, but I truly believe that prosperity is totally acceptable( physically, mentally, spiritually and mentally) as long as you realize that God plans to use your prosperity to further the cause of Christ and help his children. A woman in church once said “Do something for me and I’ll forget it eventually, but do something for my child and I’ll remember forever”. I think God feels that way too. We should ponder this concept. Be prosperous and have wealth, but realize that it is not for you. God has given it to us to give to others.

19 04 2007

The issue here is the blantant hypocrisy of prosperity preachers. How can you say you’re a Christian who believes in the richness of heaven, when your primary focus is on the riches of the world?

It’s not wrong for a Christian to be wealthy, but it is wrong for a Christian to idolize wealth the same way he idolizes God. Secondly, if the only reason you have faith in God is in hopes of being rich, then obviously your faith is flawed, to say the least.

Basically, a pastor can have a million dollar house and drive a mercedes and still be a man of God. But when he starts to use wealth as a reason for worship, then there is a problem. He’s become a man of mankind.

12 06 2007

i strongly believe that Christians should be prosperous people because their God and father is the owner of the earth , and he isn’t poor, he is mega rich.(psalms 24 verse 1) all the silver and gold are his… there are many christians who once were poor but through the teachings of Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar , David Oyedepo etc, they are rich today by applying the principles of prosperity in Christ Jesus that work all over the earth…. it all starts with a genuine love for a God and a geniune thirst for him to use you for his kingdom expansion agenda on earth. there is no way God will give you an assignment without making you prosperous enough( wealthy enough, healthy enough, wise enough )to carry it out. He makes us prosperous so that we can seek his kingdom expansion agenda on earth, and bless people around us. Most of the prosperity preachers of our time were once poor but today they are rich because they yielded their lives for God to use. if you have any doubts about Godly prosperity, and you believe that the word of God as written in the Bible is true then i advice you to read the following scriptures that will change your mentality….psalms 35 verse27, isaiah 60, zecharaiah 1 verse 17, proverbs 10vs22, Galatians 5.why should we suffer in lack and want when we have a father who is good , kind and loving?he gives his people all things richly to enjoy(1st timothy 6 vs 17)he is no respecter of persons. if you do what he says he would prosper you. (Acts of the apostles 10vs 35). Indeed,God blesses people.

12 06 2007

take that poverty mentality off your mind today give your life over to Jesus, a, stay holy and apply the principles of prosperity in Christ Jesus, then you will see the great difference in your life.(obadaih verse17). The problem with most christians is that they dont study the bible so they end up in the traps of the devil which include Christians kingdom success is our birthright. study the bible verses i gave you and you will see that for your self. prosperity is one of the key reasons why Jesus died on the cross for us (Galatians 3 verses 13 and 14).wake up . you too can be rich like Creflo Dollar and his friends who discovered these secrets and believed them and applied them . Go and look at their beginnings, it wasnt that as a Christian are meant to be excedingly rich.(2nd corinthians 9 (meditate on vs 6-8)). God bless you!!!(do you want to know more?do you have any info on Godly prosperity to share ? send an email to

12 06 2007

in my first comment i made a mistake .please read Galatians chapter 3 not chapter 5. i apologize.thanx.

26 07 2007
Kerry Cohen

Show me one place in the Bible where it says we are supposed to be poor. You won’t find it, nor will you find where we’re supposed to be sick. Take a quick glance at Deut 28:1-14 that will explain exactly what you are entitled to as a believer and follower of His word. Instead of just listening, you should research for yourself. God is not a respector of persons, the blessing of prosperity is for everyone who will believe.

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge!

30 07 2007

Jesus asked “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?” He also said that the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil. Further, we see in the book of Acts that the believers regarded worldly wealth so little, that they gave everything away. No, I don’t see a command that we are to live in poverty, but also don’t see a command that we are focus on accumulating wealth. What I do see is a command by Jesus to seek first the Kingdom of God.

14 08 2007

I’m sorry to say this, but it is obvious that those of you who are writing these things about these “so -called prosper-preaching ministers” have never really listened to them, or have listened to more than one or two sermons. Anyone who has listened IN DETAIL to any one of these ministers KNOWS that they preach about WAY MORE than just prosperity. Creflo Dollar is a PRIME example. That man teaches ALOT about our responsibility as Christians through the LIVING WORD OF GOD. He is one of the ONLY ministers that preaches the word so that we can actually APPLY it to our lives….alot of other preachers don’t even tell you how to apply the Word to your life. They only tell a good story. It is just such a shame that people who don’t do their research comment on such things and only focus and elaborate on something that could put these people in a wrong light. Let’ s stop tearing each other down, and instead build up those that are doing GOOD works for the Kingdom of God.

14 08 2007

jesus said, if any man will follow me, let him deny himself, pick up his cross and follow me…this is far from the prospertiy gospels preached…u cannot live like the world and also deny self…we are suppose to decrease so that Christ can increase…but at every turn the preachs are sayin we suppose to increase cuz Christ paid for it at the cross…

we enter in at a narrow gate and walk a narrow path…

but ppl who claim that worldly goods dont matter to them but spend excessively to keep their flesh in every comfort and then some, are deceived and their preachin is deception…fleshly comfort is sayin ‘peace, peace but there is no peace’…

no man can serve 2 masters; no man can serve God and mammon; the love of money is the root of every evil…the Word of God is so clear against prosperity preachin…and if u wanna say they dont always preach prosperity, u only have to see them — lifestyles of the rich and shameless — to see what they really beleive…they preachin louder wit they cars and clothes than with the few moments they give lip service to the Word of God…

be bless… -g-

19 07 2012

hi covenantbride,just wondering,are you poor?do you have dreams that dont seem to be coming true?cancer?and if yes,do these things make you suffer?and yet the bible says that it grieves God when we suffer! for sure God knows that wealth and health makes us happy,and Jesus said that no son can ask of his father for a fish and his father gives him a snake.just look at the reality,solomon asked for wisdom but ended up sinning! jabez asked for wealth, but stayed faithful till the end,why?because of some little additional words to his prayer for wealth “and keep away from anything that might cause me to sin and cause me harm” it all depends on what you want,because it is evident that God does bless people with material wishes i.e,abraham,jacob,david solomon and even heathen kings i.e nebuchadnezer,cyrus the great!!!!just read the psalms of david,and realise he does indeed pray for material wishes amongst other things.For me,i do pray that God will make me rich and bless everything i do,keep me away from sinning and from anything that might make me grieve Him and also give me good health and always protect me and my family,in the name of Jesus Christ i pray,amen.Deny it or accept it,in this life under the sun,these are the things that Bring happiness and indeed all depends on what you want,ask and you shall receive,is it hard for God to do this?no its not,so if being a christian to you is being poor,with nothing going on for you,then live that life.for me being a christian is God being evident in my life,and how can God be evident in your life if you live in misery,how will you even attract a non Christian to Christianity,look at it this way,what is the purpose of miracle?it is to bring JOY to the person the miracle has occured to,to make non belivers belive and inturn bring glory to God.

6 09 2007

I feel its true God gives us what we need or can handle. I have recently gone through some finacil sruggles. I know that God doesnt want us poor. But he has a great way of drawing us closer to him or the other choice of not following him. Going through these struggles I have found myself on my knees weeping to my father. I have drawn so close to him. I would have never gone through these growing pains if I have had what I wanted. I would of probably gone on like I had been doing before. He has great plans for me and yes things are getting much better. DO to my father.

24 09 2007
William E Smith

Why are Christians so caught up in this prosperity Gospel? The Hebrew word “prosper” has little to do with money and possessions and more to do with security, peace and spiritual riches. How much money did Jesus have? Have you ever seen a “U-Haul” trailer behind a hearse? How much money and possessions will YOU have with you when you stand before the throne? The prosperity Gospel is nothing more than a type of Baalism. Baal was the god who gave you what you wanted. Put him in your field and you will have a good harvest. Put him near your money and it will grow. Why is it that prosperity churches are the poorest? (with the exception of the ministers) If wealth is a sign of God’s favour then the Roman Catholics must be God’s favourite church – after all they have more wealth than all the other churches put together. It’s not good enough to say “Oh well! Creflo Dollar also teaches some good things as well” Can sweet water come from a bitter well? – His wardrobe alone could feed an African family for twenty years.

3 10 2008

I don’t quite get it, a sucker says just because He has a few hard times he’s closer to God, I say where the Hell was God when while living by faith I and my wife ended up homeless, or how about this for a few giggles, we asked for a home after too many years, the only answer was’nt what we prayed for but what we could afford, so don’t take all things word for word!
I have found out trusting no one, telling God Yahweh what I want is best reminding Him how flawed things are in this creation process just to be able to get a little more love is necessary, He want’s us too demand of Him, that’s all I;m giving, I will not worship anthing but his Warrior side, Love is for my wife and family, God is my Creator, and King nothing more other than my salvation, and Has a Father I owe Him nothing, Has a King I only serve if called has a solider again all I ask is a reward like King David’s to see my enemies all fall, including those who hate Israel etc. (God’s enemies) the day’s of mercy are for fool’s.
Anyway, like I said, God Yahweh is supposed to take care of me, when He has’nt I have no shame in letting Him and anyone else know, then next time I don’t have that prob.
Finally, my pray is that Has in old days we will have a great Government with Military leadership, not cowards who are afraid to destroy wickedness that;s why we have young punks out ther selling dope etc.

30 03 2009
Nigel Nelson

God want’s his children to have wealth, in his word he said that ; (A Feast Is Made For Laughter, And Wine Maketh Merry; But Money Answereth All Things), but at the same time the word also said, (Seek Ye First The Kingdom Of God,
And His Righteousness ;And All These Things Shall Be Added Unto You). So to me what the Lord is saying is that if we live right as a people, living Righteousness lives and Holy lives our wishes shall be granted, I know this because also in his word it is said that; (God is not a man that he should lie) but we must seek him FIRST……

12 06 2009

I just want to share a testimony and a few thoughts…I’m not so keen on this idea that God wants to line our pockets. OK, but here’s my testimony: I was a young, divorced mother of two and living back with my parents. I had taken out a loan for $500 several months earlier, using my car title as collateral. I never made one single, solitary payment on that loan. I didn’t even remember I’d taken the loan out until the day before it was due. When it did occur to me, all I could think about was getting home that night so I could pray about it. Actually, I had grown up in a Christian Science home so the only way I knew to “pray” was “know the truth.” What that entails is an effort to change one’s belief by pondering on selective Biblical scriptures and various passages from the writings of Mary Baker Eddy, the author of Christian Science, that seem to fit whatever situation one is experiencing. What was lacking was how to have a conversation with God. I wasn’t taught how to lay myself wholly naked before Him by admitting what a sinful, vile creature I was, undeserving of it but, nevertheless, begging for His mercy. Despite my upbringing, however, and out of sheer panic, that’s exactly what I did. As soon as I put the kids down for the night, I got down on my knees and, at times, flat down on my face before Him. Some of my beginning pleadings with God went something like this, “I know you can, I just want to know if you will and I won’t leave you alone until you tell me, one way or the other. Either you are going to help me or you’re not. I don’t care which. You have the final answer. I just want to know what its going to be.” Some of my other pleadings went more like this, “God, I know I don’t deserve for You to help me. I’m a horrible person and I don’t deserve anything from You but Your wrath, but my creditors are innocent, Lord. They expect to be paid and they deserve to be paid. It isn’t their fault I’m the way I am.” This very first conversation I ever had with God, seemed to go on for several hours but, actually, I have no idea how long it lasted. To this day, I cannot remember climbing into bed that night but I must have because that’s where I woke up the next morning, refreshed and feeling like I’d had the best night’s sleep in a very long time. And, I didn’t remember the prayer or the money owed when I woke up. It wasn’t until I was dropping the kids off at the daycare the next day that I remembered. I was getting out of my car and noticed a folded bill next to the rear tire of my car. It was a single $100 bill. Then I remembered. I must have danced all the way into the daycare, praising God out loud for his mercy and kindness, and trusting Him that this $100 would hold off my creditors. When I got back out to my car, still elated by the gift, I noticed a wad a bills by the same tire and in the same spot as the single bill. It was FIVE $100 bills! I have wondered over the years why He gave me first the $100 and then the $500. Here’s the conclusion I came to: I think if He’d given me the $500 first, I either would not have looked for the single $100 or, if I had, I might have been tempted to think it was just coincidence and hadn’t come from God at all. I believe God wanted to leave no doubt in my mind, whatsoever, where this money came from. I’ve grown a bit more wise about money over the years since, thanks to God’s help and a very wise financial adviser. But when I listen to some of these property preachers, I have to wonder what the lesson in what they are teaching really is. Yes, God helped me out with money when I desperately needed it and yes, He’s been gracious to help me out financially in other areas, too. But is that really what He wants our focus to be? It doesn’t say so in the Bible I read. The Bible I read says not to worry about what we have on earth, only that we are to seek our treasure is in heaven. I don’t think God answered my prayer to “prosper” me in any way financially. What I took from this experience was so much more than financial gain. A $100 bill appears by my car tire: cool. $500 appears by the same tire, which is exactly what I need to pay my debt: very cool. A personal relationship with God I never knew could be mine begins that very day: priceless, my friends, priceless. Please, please don’t take what I say for granted or take anything anyone says for granted about God and His word. Seek the truth for yourself by reading and studying His holy word, which can only bring you closer in relationship to Him. And isn’t that what you’re really after?

16 10 2009

“For the love of money is the root of all evil”- I Timothy 6:10—notice, it does not say money is the root of all evil, it is the LOVE of money. When a person sets his heart on God, seeks Him first in all things, loves Him above all things, this is a person with whom God knows He can entrust wealth because God knows that this is the kind of person who will use the wealth for God’s glory and for the good of mankind, for God’s purposes.

As for “prosperity preaching”–God Himself preaches it all through the Bible–in numerous passages, God uses the attraction of wealth and prosperity to call man to obedience—-and God is no phony, what He entices, He fully pays up if we fulfill our end of the contract. If God had no desire to give us prosperity, He would not have used it to entice us, lure us to Him. God wants to give us “our heart’s desires” because by doing so, we glorify and magnify Him. Prov. 8:17, 18 Psalm 1:1-3 Deut 7

24 10 2009
Paul N

What lies in that last comment, sorry but that kind of teaching is unnaceptable!

We need to understand the the OT was under the law and written to the Jews, these were Gods earthly people so they inherited the riches of the earth, the riches we have in Christ is much greater. If you read through the Gospels, Jesus said His kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36) and there is not one place in the scripture where Jesus said all Christians should be rich. Jesus said the poor you have with you always, only in Heaven will all be well. Money was not Jesus’ concern it was right living.

I hear so many saying if Christians are not rich it makes God look bad! Is that so?

II Corinthians 12

7 And lest I should be exalted above measure by the abundance of the revelations, a thorn in the flesh was given to me, a messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I be exalted above measure. 8 Concerning this thing I pleaded with the Lord three times that it might depart from me. 9 And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 10 Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

You see God gets the glory when its not all good and we keep the faith before a sinful world. The world will say how comes you still have peace!

I am not against people being financially blessed, If God wills that, but to preach it is a load of crap, if Jesus said dont worry about it, isnt the preaching about it born out of worries? Jesus said seek Him and all things will be added, in this it seems like you dont even really have to pray.

1 Timothy 6:5-7
5Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is godliness: from such withdraw thyself.
6But godliness with contentment is great gain.
7For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.

1.Luke 12:15
And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.

This is what the Church should be like, then we would not have to preach this filth!

1.Romans 12:13
Distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality

Acts 2:44-45
44And all that believed were together, and had all things common;
45And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need.

Oh that I can find a church like this where the tithes and offerings go to the poor and not to greedy leaders and bigger buildings.

One more thing people always use the scripture if you delight yourself in the LORD He will give you the disires of your heart. If you delight yourself in The LORD earthly wealth will never be your desire, unless its to only help the less fortunate. Solomon asked for riches when God gave him a request, if under law that was his mindet even more so we who in Christ should seek godliness.

46.Philippians 3:8
Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ,

How we treat eachother in Christ is the testimony Christ wants that why He gave us a new commandment to love eachother, He said by this all men will know we belong to Him. May The LORD use us to be the blessings!

3 09 2011
therie essien

hello! great site!

i will be verrrrrry brief.


thank you.

but i will also most humbly add:

wealth is not what glorifies the dust which the serpent is punnished and cursed to eat. dust to dust…yes, the truth is flesh is dust.

now u can go ahead and spend ur life glorifying what the serpent will eat but that is entirely up to u.

me; i prefer to see riches as a snare. anyone who loves self, sibbling, spouse, parent or child more than the Lord is not worthy of Him…to quote the Lord…


the small window: look at it this way! the Lord gives Kings the werewithal to take care of the kingdom. when a righteous king reigns the people rejoice. but how far does this proverb apply in the lives of the very wealthy today?

so the Lord didnt die so we could all trust in our chariots.

no…not if the streets of heaven zion are paved with gold…


true wealth is what adam and eve neglected; THE WORD OF GOD.

it is the power unto salvation!

HELLO TO ALL MY NEW FRIENDS! @macdav; @christy holmes and the other one…kyahllah…kya…ummmmiforgot. and w sellassie!!!!

6 06 2012

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17 07 2012
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11 01 2013

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3 08 2013
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