Dispatches from the Journey

6 01 2011

For those who do not know, I am relocating to Southern California from Columbus, Ohio.  Currently as I write, I am in a motel room in Santa Rosa, New Mexico.  I have traveled through Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas.  I will probably get to California today, but first I have to go through New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada.

This is the fourth day of my journey.  I am going to California because I know longer have a job in Columbus, and need help from family to get back on my feet.  The funny thing is that I was just musing about living in California.  I was thinking that I could be closer to my aging parents who both live out there (the are divorced, she lives in the Bay are, and he lives in Southern California). I could also help my sister and her family raise my nephew Matthew (his was killed two years ago this past New Year’s Day).  Plus, I would get my three daughters: Rebecca, Sojourner, and Jordan for a longer stretch of time when they visit. Ironically, I will actually see them more by relocating to California.

I do feel that I am on a journey, both literally and figuratively.  This is a journey that I did not choose, but I guess chose me, for reasons I simply do know.




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21 09 2011
Tim G

Heh, I know what it means to be unemployed. I’ve been an unemployed pastor for more than a year now. We’ve been living off of employment insurance, my wife’s modest pay, odd jobs and savings during that time. We’ve resisted relocating since our two youngest (13 and 16) have moved enough over the last number of years. They and we need some stability. But it’s a tough journey. A journey is a weird mix of circumstances and then choices we have to make. It’s been a hard year filled with depression, anger and other mixed feelings about this journey. I try to hold onto the promise of God’s goodness. This kingdom journey has brought new insights for me in the midst of the pain. I pray that God’s goodness will be revealed in this move for you.
– Tim

8 04 2016

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